Fall Equinox – Letting go

As we move into the balance point between light and dark and the days grow cooler and a bit shorter, we can find ourselves needing more quiet and rest than we did midsummer.
With our busy schedule of travel, working and parenting it is so easy to ignore this need of centering back into ourselves. The buzz of a new school year is anything but quieting, no matter how young or old your children are if have any.

This call for rest and retreat, is a loud message from within. A message that we need space for our thoughts, space in our hearts but also space in our homes and surroundings. It is so easy to identify ourselves with things, people and ideas which might have served us in our past, but that are now out dated in this present moment.

On this date, 2 years ago, I lost my mother to a long fight to cancer. It was a fight well fought with a head high and an open heart. She taught me that there are certain fights we need to fight, but there comes a time when we also need to surrender and realize that it is the quality that counts more then quantity. Quality of life, as it takes form in thoughts, actions and emotions.

This reminder of life and its beauty comes often...and it's a question of whether we're willing to be present, to wake up, to allow the dualities of darkness and lightness, and to be nurtured by their guiding principles. If we can remain present and awake, full acceptance of the changing seasons...of the inhale and exhale, then the transformation from one form to another, is part of the cycle of life.