Yoga on the beach

When you fall – Dive!

Many years ago, as I faced a separation, a sudden loss of job and a general lack of direction in my life, I picked up a book by Buddhist monk Cheri Huber. The title was “When falling – DIVE!” and there was a drawing on the cover of a person diving with elegans of a cliff. The ground was nowhere to be seen, but I do believe the person diving actually had a little smile on her face. That book caught me in a free fall and of course, even though I then had forgotten and also doubted, I would be landing safely and with an elevated spirit who was on an even better direction in life.

Now, 12 years later, I feel that similar sense of uncertainty, but instead of being paralyzed by fear, I use my tools and tap instead into curiosity where life might bring me. The pandemic, the lack of understanding and respecting fellow humans has left me in somewhat dark places these last 6 months. But then I remind myself, that if I look back at my best decisions in the last few decades, they have all been surrounded by not knowing, not understanding, by following gut instinct and trusting the universe. Most of our best decisions usually end up serving not just ourselves, but also our family, our community and even the planet. A recommendation I try to follow is “Plant trees under whose shade you do not plan to sit”.

It is important that we find out where our interest, strength and passion lay so we through that spark can light a fire. We actually need to take ourselves enough seriously so we can remove what is NOT us, in order to see our true nature.

Through yoga and its hands-on practices, we equip ourselves with an inner compass, which will guide us through the storms into the calm waters. And while in the calm waters, we continue to practice so when the next storm hits, we pick out the skills once again more effortlessly. Because the storms will come. And go. And come again.

One way to strengthen the compass is Satsang. Satsang is to regularly surround yourself with likeminded people, which will strengthen our confidence and consistency to stay on the chosen path of self-understanding and getting out of our own way. Another way to strengthen our inner compass is to read, learn and study in order to support, share and serve. That is called Seva. Serving all other living beings.

In order how to get through something, we have to NOT quit something. Simplify, allow ease to always be the biggest ingredient of what you are creating. But remember, just because it is simple, it is not easy.


Feel good by helping others

Snowfire Design Community launched in 2012 and is based on collaboration. We help entrepreneurs succeed online. Together we are incredibly strong.

In our story, the design agencies in the community are the heroes of our success. One of our customers said that it's like having a personal trainer and that's right. You need a strategist by your side to coach you. They are the ones who read the design trends in your market and create your completely unique side with you in the driver's seat.